Steel frame Buildings   

We provide the design, materials and construction of our steel structure

We offer comprehensive steelwork fabrication services, supplying, designing and building steelwork warehouses, milking stations, animal pens, and silos.

Steel fabrication is ideal for a wide range of agricultural and industrial buildings, where strength and speed of assembly are paramount. As specialists in agricultural construction we are the ideal contractors to assemble animal pens, storage buildings, and dairy production buildings. 


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a steel frame building on a building site with a crane above



a steel framed structure being built on a grassy land



On-site steel building fabrication

We provide fabricated steel frame buildings for a range of industries and purposes, and in the size and design you have in mind. Because our work is fabricated on-site, it allows us to offer steel frame buildings in the scale that suits your operations, and enables us to incorporate certain features into the design without upheaval.


We Specialise In

  •  Silage clamps
  •  Retaining walls
  •  Cold stores
  • Grain stores 
  •  Dairy buildings
  •  Aircraft hangers
  • Ground works
  • Industrial buildings
  •  Environmental systems
  • Plant hire
  • Non licenced Asbestos removal
  • Demolition
  •  Equestrian buildings 



We can design and build to your requirements

For agricultural construction, steelwork buildings, and a range of other building services, contact our helpful team today on 01403 266124 to book a quote. 


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